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Ophthalmic reading centres provide a critical resource for facilitating imaging research in ophthalmology. Recent developments in computer vision and artificial intelligence have enabled a paradigm shift in the role of reading centres. Moorfields reading centre has developed a dedicated infrastructure to allow harnessing the potential of big data analytics, computer vision and machine learning.
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As part of the Joint Research Informatics Strategy of Moorfields and the Institute of Ophthalmology we have launched an ambitious programme for the aggregation and curation of the massive imaging and clinical datasets that are stored at Moorfields Eye Hospital. This will produce the largest, comprehensive ophthalmic data resource, with labelled ophthalmic images, anywhere in the world. The reading centre is providing operational and technical support for this programme.
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Novel analytics tools developed in the Moorfields reading centre will be an invaluable addition to conventional image grading for Industry-sponsored clinical trials.
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