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Supporting clinical trials through analysis of ophthalmic images.

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The Moorfields Reading Centre & Clinical AI Lab serves as an independent facility providing high quality image grading for clinical trials and other research projects in ophthalmology. It follows the highest standards of quality assurance through a robust system of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). It also provides a state-of-art ophthalmic Clinical Trial Management System licensed from Phenopolis Ltd that can be used to offer data transfer functionality as well as host and manage its own clinical trials.
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Clinical trials

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NetwORC UK studies

The network of ophthalmic reading centres UK, known as NetwORC UK, was established in 2004 bringing together three reading centres located throughout the United Kingdom in a unique collaboration to facilitate the grading of ophthalmic images for clinical research studies.
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The FENETRE study

Telemedicine and AI decision support in the community for stable AMD
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MacTel study

The Moorfields reading centre evaluates all ophthalmic images collected as part of the MacTel project registry and the natural history observation study, and offers the official diagnosis of MacTel for patients who participate in these research projects.
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The Naevus study

Choroidal naevi are very common, usually innocuous lesions often found on routine optometrist sight tests. It is estimated that approximately 6% of caucasians will have a choroidal naevus. In the Naevus study we are exploring whether these lesions can be safely managed on the basis of ophthalmic imaging, including wide-field colour fundus images, optical coherence tomography and blue-light autofluorescence.
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