Digital eye health

Applying the latest digital technologies to ophthalmology

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Digital technologies such as cloud-based telemedicine solutions and artificial intelligence decision support systems are expected to drastically change the way we deliver care to our patients with eye problems. Providing the evidence of how these digital technologies will impact on ophthalmology services is crucial. In the Moorfields reading centre we are leading a programme of research that aims at exploring the role of such digital technologies and assess the potential barriers and enablers to their adoption for the benefit of our patients and our healthcare systems.
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Digital eye health

Featured Projects

See below for some of the featured Digital Eye Health projects at the Reading Centre :

The FENETRE study

Telemedicine and AI decision support in the community for stable AMD
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The Naevus study

Choroidal naevi are very common, usually innocuous lesions often found on routine optometrist sight tests. It is estimated that approximately 6% of caucasians will have a choroidal naevus. In the Naevus study we are exploring whether these lesions can be safely managed on the basis of ophthalmic imaging, including wide-field colour fundus images, optical coherence tomography and blue-light autofluorescence.
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