Remote assessment and screening of patients

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Digital technologies are transforming the way care is delivered in ophthalmology. The reading centre performs a core function in the implementation of digitally enhanced clinics for patients with a variety of ophthalmic conditions achieving a better patient experience of care and optimal use of resources. A number of such clinics for patients with diabetic retinopathy, stable AMD and choroidal naevi are being delivered by remote review of imaging tests by expert graders in the reading centre. 30% of all activity in retinal clinics is expected to be delivered through these digitally enhanced pathways.

Building on the developed infrastructure and expertise for supporting digitally enhanced clinics in Moorfields Eye Hospital, the reading centre will aim to explore opportunities for providing teleophthalmology support to eye healthcare providers on a national level both in primary and secondary care.

Meet the telemedicine Team

Virtual clinics Telemedicine and 'virtual' clinics

The reading centre is delivering a number of digital clinics relying on remote review of ophthalmic images

Digitally-enhanced clinics for diabetic retinopathy

Digitally-Enhanced Clinics for Diabetic Retinopathy

Stable age-related macular degeneration clinics

Stable Age-Related Macular DegenerationStable Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Choroidal naevomelanocytic lesions (naevus) clinics

Choroidal Naevomelanocytic Lesions