About us Who we are and what drives us

A world-leading research centre of excellence.

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is the leading provider of eye health services in the United Kingdom and a world class centre of excellence for ophthalmic research and education. Consequently it has amassed one of the world’s biggest databases of ophthalmic data which provides the opportunity to learn and develop an even better service for our patients and lead cutting-edge research.

Our vision

The Moorfields Ophthalmic Reading Centre & Clinical AI Lab is a state of the art image grading centre for clinical trials in ophthalmology and the informatics hub of Moorfields analysing all data in order to gain clinical insights. Our mission is to marry the latest and best developments in artificial intelligence, image analysis, clinical decision support, in order to provide the best possible care for our patients and to build the tools we will need to advance image analysis and high quality image grading for ophthalmology research.

Our history

Moorfields Eye Hospital was founded in 1805 as the London dispensary for curing diseases of the eye and ear, by the English surgeon and oculist John Cunningham Saunders, assisted by John Richard Farre. It moved to its present site in 1899, and became part of the National Health Service in 1948. Since then University College London has founded the Institute of Ophthalmology alongside the hospital building which has become an integral part of the research branch of the hospital. The partnership between Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology consistently ranks as the most successful academic collaboration in ophthalmology in the world.

The Moorfields Ophthalmic Reading Centre & Clinical AI Lab was established to provide high quality, standardised, unbiased image grading for clinical trials and other research projects in ophthalmology. The Moorfields Ophthalmic Reading Centre & Clinical AI Lab is transforming to embrace the enormous opportunities afforded by informatics and artificial intelligence research in ophthalmology and to apply this research knowledge to clinical practice in collaboration with multiple partners in academia and industry. Alongside continuing to provide excellent quality image grading for clinical trials, the Moorfields Ophthalmic Reading Centre & Clinical AI Lab is establishing its position as a pioneer in the application of deep learning segmentation algorithms, predictive analytics and decision support system validation.