Predictive analytics and intelligent treatment management Predictive analytics and intelligent treatment management

In the Moorfields Reading Centre & Clinical AI Lab, we are developing and integrating Machine Learning tools to utilise our curated data resource for addressing clinically interesting questions and produce new knowledge on disease diagnosis, prognosis and classification.

Our research projects develop machine learning algorithm that will are able to predict visual outcomes in patients undergoing treatment for neovascular AMD.

The main three sources of information that can help inform clinicians’ decisions on the treatment regimen for the specific needs of each patient are:

  • clinical information such as age, vision
  • details from images such as optical coherence tomography of the retina in AMD
  • the genetic make-up of each patient

Using novel methods of AI and machine learning to analyse this complex information, our research team’s goal is to help make sense of all this data and single out the factors that can help tailor treatments to the needs of each patient. By better understanding these variables, predictions of response to treatments may also be developed

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